Friday, January 28, 2011

What Can't We Do With Technology?

By: Lou Wiggins

In today's market place with so many devices that do the thinking for us that; I have to ask who's thinking? We are far from the days of when we had to contend with the calculator hindering our children's learning.

Now in today's market of twenty eleven there is a device for just about any and every convenience that we desire ranging from the personal computer to the digital book. With all these devices and gadgets there is a tendency to abate our interaction and genuine thoughtfulness for one another.

Today's technology allows us to create reminders for birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. We can set our computers and cell phones to alert, remind us, and / or send out messages automatically to our chosen recipients.  Most of these devices are accompanied with spelling and grammar checkers. The technological advances not only provide us conveniences but they can also alienate us and diminish our desire to learn, decipher, and use cognitive thinking.

Additionally, these devices will also impact our work markets by reducing the need for some job positions and out right eliminate others, i.e. (the fall of video and music stores)

Not a believer that we are thinking less; then take this simple test:

Write on paper your friend's email address without the use of a computer or cell phone.

Write on paper your friend's home or cell phone number without the use of a cell phone.

Write on paper your friend's home address including zip code without the use of a cell phone.

Write on paper directions to your friend's home without the use of a an online mapping program or GPS.

Now, you do the math; and ask yourself are we becoming to technology dependent? Then consider what might be even more intriguing; is that we are only speaking of today's technology and tomorrow's technology is sure to enable us to become even more indolent.

Our smart phones are increasingly replacing cognitive thinking as we use them to pay bills, shop online and make purchases in some stores. We use them to tweet, face book, watch TV, play video games, capture and send pictures, bank, share documents, track each others movements, open and start our cars, listen to music via downloads, streaming, broadcasts, pod casts, search the internet, send email, text mail, and oh yeah actually talk to someone.

Clearly we've advance considerably since, smoke signals and the telegraph. I want to hear from you, let me know what I missed. I'm sure that I've omitted many more capabilities that you are likely using your smart phone to perform.

If you are using your smart phones for additional activities not mentioned above or would like to see more functions performed by your smart phone. Please respond with a reply.


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